4th of July weekend

We had wonderful weather for  weekend at the club. Saturday was sunny and Sunday was a little overcast which made for a respite from a hot sun. We had a great party and the format worked out well. The band was well liked. The dunking machine was really a hit and raised some money for the junior program. People offered money if a named person would sit on the dunking seat.

Racing was pretty good and had good attendance. The Saturday breeze was a little uncooperative and RC had to postpone a little for it to (relatively) settle down. There were also a few waits for the wind strength to reach our required 3 mph. RC need to adjust the course several times. Sunday was better, but the best breeze showed up after the first race. It shifted to the west and picked up a little and RC took the bait and set a longer windward-leeward race. Thistles and Highlanders sailed 3 laps, most other fleets 2 laps and Lasers and 420s 1 lap. It worked well as all fleets finished together. 34 boats raced the adult course.

CLSA Champ2015

New Club Champion

The sail-off of the fleet champions was today. It was a good sailing day with an easterly of 7-10 mph and no rain until we were back onshore and unrigged. Congratulate Andy Lawrence of the Thistle fleet.  It was far from a runaway as only 3 points separated the whole fleet and the win was by a tiebreaker with Bob Rowland.

See the details at Club Championship Results.

Also, Kate Rudy submitted a lot of pictures to our gallery.


This weekend is full of events. Friday is the re-sail of the club championship. Saturday and Sunday are our 5 race Independence day race series. On Saturday, after the races is our holiday party. Please RSVP for the party to gofish3999@yahoo.com

sundat pic

Sunday sailing

Following what may be a record flood in recent times the lake had receded below the top of the seawall. A lot of boat lift re-positioning and pie dock re-installation is yet to come. No apparent damage.

It was really a nice day for racing. A warm sunny day with  a good westerly 10-15 mph. They sailed windward-leeward courses. Only 25 boats sailed, including 6 teens sailing Radials on the big course.

Sunday racing not cancelled

The water level in our lake changes fast. When we have a gullywasher like we just had, the water rises in hours. The rate the water goes over the spillway is large and it can recede a lot in a day.

The RC will judge conditions tomorrow and make a decision. Regardless, if you didn’t come up on Saturday, you should come up and check your boat.

As you can see in the pictures, several boats on lifts are secure, but swamped.


Wayward MC

This Scow, still on it’s lift, was floating out in the harbor. The buoyancy of the boat was enough to support the lift, as the boat cover was tied down to it. Close call – should have been tethered to shore.

More flood pix

The water is so high that many boats are floating on their lifts that usually are okay in flood. Some of them are floating away taking their attached lifts with them! It would be wise to check your property. Crews there are doing the best they can.

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In addition, a member sent these.








Independence Day

Next weekend is the 4th of July. That means a  holiday racing schedule and a party after the races on Saturday. it is difficult for organizers to plan the number of meals for the caterer if he doesn’t know the headcount. If you plan to attend – please RSVP. If you RSVP, and something changes your plans – please cancel instead of making us pay for meals not served.

The racing schedule is 3 races on Saturday with a 1:00 start and 2 on Sunday starting at 1:45.

RSVP gofish3999@yahoo.com