Sunday racing – 1st races

The weather forecast is what doomed the first race day. It wasn’t a blow-out – it was a no-show. The temperature was in the low 60s and the sky was gray. We all knew it would be a rainy afternoon and it was. It wasn’t nearly as windy as expected. All the race committee arrived and made ready, inflated the marks, loaded the support vessels and checked radios. The sailors just didn’t come. Nobody even came to launch their boat. Well, there was one boat that came expecting to race and was disappointed with the cancellation.

There is next week: we’ll make that the beginning of our season.

Learn to Sail

Each May the club offers a basic learn to sail class for adults. This is open to the general public as well as our members. The class assumes no knowledge: it starts with the bare basics of a sailboat and finishes with hands-on experience on-the-water. It is all day Saturday, May 9 at 9:00 AM and finishing by noon on Sunday May 10. US Sailing certified instructor and other experienced sailors teach the classes. It leads to a US Sailing certificate of completion. There is a small fee that covers the book.

Sign up at

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Club open!

Work crews were scurrying around before 9:00 AM, anxious to get the job done so we can begin what we all come here for: sail. They attacked the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas needing attention. The vessels were cleaned, rigged and launched. Down the hill they were re-installing the floating docks and putting out the moorings. Its ready to go, although the plumber is still finishing a few details. Tomorrow the first bunch will be here putting their boat lifts back in the water, anxious to launch their boats.

The docks that spent last summer decorating the back of our parking lot (visible below) were launched and tied up to the sea wall at east beach. They will be installed later.

Hey, the first races are next weekend!


2015-04-01 15.10.51

The project begins!

The planned improvement to the junior area centered at the Laser dock has started. Before much could be done, something had to be done with the roads through the woods down to the lake. It is planned that they both will be one-way traffic, since they are narrow. Today, 500 tons of gravel was delivered and both roads were graded. This was followed with the spreading of 2″ stone over all the road surfaces. This will be followed tomorrow with graveling the waterfront area by the Laser dock. An impromptu work party was called to move lifts out of the way. Pictures in Gallery.

Update 4/4/15  No further work done due to rain and muddy conditions. Lake level about 6″ below top of seawall.



The water system at the club has been turned on and minor leaks mostly fixed. Water to the shelterhouse is also on. The hot water is also on at the clubhouse. The toilet problems in the ladies room are being addressed by clubhouse chairman Phil Beatty.


US Sailing Adult Championships

The US Sailing Adult Championship will accept a resume from the Ohio Valley Sailing Association. In past years CLSA members have competed in the adult championships and had a great time competing with the best sailors in the US. Boats will be J24’s with male or female skipper and coed crew permitted.. The full information is available on the US Sailing web site. Please call Dave Rosekrans know if you are interested and, if necessary, we can have an elimination process to select one team. The chances for the OVSA resume to be selected are reasonably good.
The full US Sailing Championship Calendar is also available on the US Sailing web site, including youth events in which some CLSA youth have participated in the past.

2015 Championship Calendar

Regulation 10 Championships 2014-12-13 (like NOR)

2015-03-21 16.16.42

Pink Lady update

A Bimini top has been installed for sun protection. An improvement over the umbrellas used in the past. The used top was donated by one of our members. The boat was launched early for some maintenance. The lake level is now normal.

2015-03-15 14.30.51-2

Another lake visit

Sunday, March 15 showed a big change from the previous weekend. Snow all gone and the lake ice-free except in the inner part of the harbors. It too will be gone soon. With all the regional flooding our lake was affected too. Although there were no signs it went over the wall, the level was about a foot higher than normal. Still no signs of damage apparent. Some photos were posted to the gallery.

UPDATE: 3/17/15 the ice is totally gone and the water has receded about half a foot.