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Sunday sailing

Spring is good when it is warm and sunny. We’d rather had a little more breeze though. A southerly at 4-5 mph was enough to race Olympic courses. All classes but Lasers were represented with 25 boats racing.

New pics in gallery.

Learn to sail

Our club has been presenting a basic sailing class to members and the public for years. This is how to sail – from square one. It is an introduction to the sailboat and the mechanics of how the wind moves the boat. From the nautical vernacular to the names of the parts of a sailboat – we try to cover it all. Besides catering to rank beginners, owners with little formal training can benefit from a course on this level.

The class is run by US Sailing certified instructors and results in a certificate. Course date is Saturday, May 21, 9:00 -4:00 and Sunday, May 22, 9:00 – noon.

Contact learntosail@clsa.us



Finally we are sailing

The first races of the season got off this Sunday. We had perfect spring weather. Sunny enough to need sunscreen and enough of a breeze to race. An ENE breeze about 4-6 mph teased the racers with shifts. During the second race the wind lightened enough to shorten the course.

A lot has been done and more projects are still in progress.

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This Sunday promises to be beautiful. Let’s launch and enjoy the fun! The Pink Lady is back in service.

Also, The juniors need help putting their harbor facilities together for the season this Saturday.

Finally we can start the season

This weekend promises a return to spring weather with sunshine and everything. The Pink Lady should be back in service so we can resume our lift parties. The RC boat is stocked and rearing to go out and have races. This nasty weather may have bummed us out, but now we can get our mojo back and go sailing!

At the recent BOG meeting, several improvement projects were approved – including landscaping and harbor.


Winter’s back?

Really unseasonable weather – cold air, cold water, forecast high winds and the unavailability of the Pink Lady, coupled with not many of our lifts put back in the water led to the decision to cancel racing tomorrow. Situation was discussed by our board of governors, who were meeting today at the club, but final decision made by our principal race officer of the day.

The view out the clubhouse window wasn’t encouraging either. It was actively snowing at  1:00 PM

Lady back in the shop

After repairing the gearbox, shifting into reverse became an issue. It was diagnosed as a stretched shift cable. The problem was that South Shore Marine had a large backlog in their shop they couldn’t ignore, so they can’t get to our repair until after the weekend. Without the Pink Lady, we had to postpone this weekend’s lift parties until next weekend. The Sunday forecast is for a cool and very breezy day for sailing. Our executive committee has scheduled a early morning conference call tomorrow to make the decision whether or not to race in these conditions.

The decision will be made by the principal race officer of the day – as always.




Club open

It was a little cool and very windy. All the workers enthusiastically attacked their respective jobs and got the job done getting the club ready for the season. Kitchen cleaned and organized, clubhouse porch and picnic tables pressure-washed and set up, vessels prepped and launched where they now happily bob by their docks, RC docks and mooring balls installed, while a lost specialty tool stymied the installation of the junior docks until later.

We are ready, club-wise, for the start of the season. Next, members need to re-install their lifts and launch their boats. Let’s  get sailing!

Sea wall back fill complete

Finally, we got the job done. Thanks to the good turnout of volunteers that responded to our request. About 24 trips of the Pink Lady with 168 wheelbarrow loads of gravel completed the back filling of the sea wall at East Beach where the tie rods were exposed. At the same time, the back filling of the seawall from North Point to the Pram dock was also finished. The sea wall at Highlander Beach will be done another time, now we have the method.

While Doug had the Bobcat there, he moved the Honeysuckle that was previously removed to the burn pile near the boneyard. He also moved most of the “too heavy to carry” large sawn log segments from the felled Ash trees. There still remains a lot of firewood to deal with.