Sunday sailing

The wind for the first race was shifty and varied from 5 to 15 mph. About half way through the three times around windward-leeward course, a brief downpour refreshed the sailors. As the Thistles started for the second race the lighting indicator on the committee boat began flashing in the 3 to 8 mile range and a dark storm coming our way was visible. The race was abandoned and the boats were being put away when the rain again poured down.


New docks

Progress with the Laser dock area renovation took a big jump today. Work parties launched and assembled the new junior dock. It includes a ramp to launch and recover small boats. At the same time a crew was laying a block retaining wall where the hillside was cut back to provide a larger flat area.


Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day is right around the corner and we are throwing you a party!

Date: May 23-24

Time: Saturday 1st Race 1:00 and Sunday 1:45

Party starts at 5pm on Saturday

Everyone PLEASE bring an appetizer to share

Dinner will be catered by Jasmine Catering-Jasmine Classic Picnic Buffet
Homemade Pulled Pork with Jasmine’s Sweet BBQ Sauce OR Southern Fried Chicken
Seasoned Green Beans, Creamy Coleslaw, Garden Salad and Au Gratin Potatoes
Dessert- Mehaffie Pies

Adult Dinner-$15
Adult Beverage $5 for wristband
Children Dinner 5-12 years of age- $5.00
Under 5 FREE

For your entertainment pleasure..

They are back the Ron Purdon and his 5 piece swing band! Take those ladies dancing, fun night for all!

Come join us for the party! RSVP to Doug Fisher at

CLSA Vice Commodore
Doug Fisher


Another sailing class

The popularity of our learn to sail class is growing. We have decided to add another in June. This time, those with boats are welcome to bring them. We are going to take the next step after beginner. The dates are June 13-14.

More details


Sailor’s friend

Venerable duct tape. Strong, sticky and waterproof. We use it for emergency repairs of many things. Temporary sail or cover patches or seizing frayed lines. I see duct tape patches on foul weather gear that is not always temporary. We love it, but is a love – hate relationship. The sticky adhesive residue is difficult to remove.

There is a solution. We all have another sailor’s friend, WD-40. Beyond helping free rusty bolts and making rusty pliers move again there is another use few were aware of. It is an excellent duct tape residue remover. In a review of WD-40’s best uses, reviewers state this is at the top of the list. Who knew?

2015-04-24 14.02.17

Progress on construction area

The excavation is complete in the Laser dock area. The two roads were graded, a base of 2″ stone was laid down and then gravel was spread and compacted. Soon, a work party will build a retaining wall to hold back the hillside and another to build new Pram racks. Next Saturday, plastic floating docks will be delivered for the project. At the far right, you can see one of the gravel piles for seawall back-filling.

It’s coming together!

Img_2413 (1)

Club open!

Work crews were scurrying around before 9:00 AM, anxious to get the job done so we can begin what we all come here for: sail. They attacked the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas needing attention. The vessels were cleaned, rigged and launched. Down the hill they were re-installing the floating docks and putting out the moorings. Its ready to go, although the plumber is still finishing a few details. Tomorrow the first bunch will be here putting their boat lifts back in the water, anxious to launch their boats.

The docks that spent last summer decorating the back of our parking lot (visible below) were launched and tied up to the sea wall at east beach. They will be installed later.

Hey, the first races are next weekend!


2015-04-01 15.10.51

The project begins!

The planned improvement to the junior area centered at the Laser dock has started. Before much could be done, something had to be done with the roads through the woods down to the lake. It is planned that they both will be one-way traffic, since they are narrow. Today, 500 tons of gravel was delivered and both roads were graded. This was followed with the spreading of 2″ stone over all the road surfaces. This will be followed tomorrow with graveling the waterfront area by the Laser dock. An impromptu work party was called to move lifts out of the way. Pictures in Gallery.

Update 4/4/15  No further work done due to rain and muddy conditions. Lake level about 6″ below top of seawall.