Racing Rules and Tactics Presentation

Tim Black is giving a presentation on beginning racing rules and tactics, March 16 from 7:00PM till 8:30PM at Salem Community Church  (Thank you John!).

This presentation is meant to give those who have never raced or have just started additional information to help them become more comfortable competing.  Tim is one of our most successful skippers, and extremely knowledgeable on the rules of racing.   He has given similar presentations at our junior camps.  I can say first hand, he presents this subject matter in an accessible, entertaining, and engaging manner.

We want to keep this focused on helping these new racers.   Experienced racers are welcome to attend, but should refrain from distracting from the basics that we are trying to pass on.

Please, RSVP to fsfleet1@gmail.com.  We want like to have an idea of how many people will be attending.


Salem Community Church
6137 Salem Rd. Cinti. OH. 45230 (South east Corner of Salem & Sutton)
Located just a mile up the road from Coney Island on the south east corner of Salem and Sutton.

From the SOUTH: Take I-275 to the “Five Mile” Exit and turn left onto northbound “Five Mile Road”. At the fourth traffic light, turn left onto westbound Beechmont Ave. Then at the very next light turn left onto Salem Road (just before Walgreens). The church will be on your left just before the second traffic light.

From the NORTH: Take I-275 to the “Five Mile” Exit and turn right onto Northbound “Five Mile Road” at the fourth traffic light turn left onto westbound Beechmont Ave. Then at the very next light turn left onto Salem Road (just before Walgreens). The church will be on your left just before the second traffic light.


March – like a lion

March will be a busy month for the club – all of it behind the scenes.

The 2015 season calendar of events will be published.

RC assignments will be published.

Reservations for lift parties will begin.

Workparties will toil in the renovation of the junior sailing area at the old Laser dock. I mean bulldozers earthmoving, retaining wall construction, truckloads of gravel spread and a lot more. New floating docks will be installed.

Meetings will be held to finalize our programs planned for 2015.

The dam was scheduled to  be closed February 27 allowing the lake to fill to the summer level.

With this snow it’s hard to realize spring is just around the corner. Only 54 days ’til club opening! Photo is from the 2014 seawall project.

2014 Sailing Camp


Here, without any fanfare, is a redo of the CLSA website. Configured by IT guy Steve Rittmeyer and pages moved over by webmaster Ken Irwin. It has an entirely new architecture. Check out the new menu structure. Everything is there. It is based on the WordPress platform. It works well with mobile devices, even smartphones.  Additional features will be added.

If we don’t like this format, we will change it.

2013 Laser Regatta

Race Scores

The new system of reporting race scores will show the current standing of each competitor as a  race series progresses. No need to figure it out yourself or wait until the end of the series. The score sheets will be sorted in order of accumulated average scores. Only at the end of a series will any earned discards be applied and boats not qualifying moved to the bottom of the list.

Formerly, scores were reported sorted by boat number, now they are by average score – ties not broken until the end of a series.

2014 Fungatta Strong Men

Junior area Development Plans

Over the next two years or so the new center of junior activity is being established at the Laser dock area.
Already, the immediate area had several regular docks removed to create space. The single floating dock has been installed there several years ago.

This off-season, excavation of the hillside will create parking space for our 4 Club 420s on their dollies. A retaining wall will be built and the surface will be graveled for now, but plans call for porous concrete paving of the area. The two roads down the hill in the area will be improved for one-way vehicular traffic. Racks will be constructed to store our Pram hulls there. Laser racks already exist. Junior operations will cease at the old Pram dock, but will continue at the Sunfish dock. A new array of plastic floating docks will be installed, including a ramp-like float that will be used to launch boats. We are excited about the project.

The Lake

The water level is down to the winter level. It is a little more than 4 feet down. This is the planned level for the winter. It may rise temporarily in response to rainfall or snow melt.