Winter Dinner

Mark your calendars now! The date and venue for our winter dinner has been set by vice-commodore Jim Blackburn. Saturday, January 23, 2016 at Receptions in Loveland. This is the same location we have used in the last several years. More details later.

The program has been announced. All three crew from the 2015 world champion Etchells will make a presentation about not only the Championship event in Hong Kong, but the campaign that led them there. Recent former members Jon McClean and Skip Dieball will be joined by Jeff Eibers. This event was highlighted in the previous post on this website.


Another CLSA star

Jon McClean, recent CLSA member and Highlander sailor now competes in the Etchells class. He recently competed in the 2015 Etchells world championships, sailed in Hong Kong. With Skip Diebold driving, they won the event in a fleet of 43 boats. They are to be congratulated. The class allow teams to sail with 3 or 4 crew. They sailed with 3.

See results here.


Closed for the season

Members came together and lovingly put our toys away for another season. The kitchen, clubhouse, shelterhouse, vessels and harbor crews started early and worked until  the job  was done. The boats are stored on the porches of the clubhouse and shelterhouse. The floating docks were detached from their posts and towed to Sunfish Cove, where they will winter. If anyone visits the club during the off season, remember that the water will be off and the bathrooms not usable.

Check these pictures.



Most are probably aware that the water lotus is expanding at our lake. It is noticeable in Quaker Cove and at the headwaters of the lake. It won’t grow in more than 3 feet of water, so it is an indicator of our lake silting in. It is part of the natural lifecycle of lakes. To maintain their usefulness for recreation, they need to be dredged from time to time.

A suction dredge is now working at the east end of our lake. A rotating cutter head on the end of the suction boom turns the mud into a slurry that is pumped through a pipe to a spoil area some distance away.

Find the lake on Google Earth and you can see the dredge. If you look carefully, you can see the spoil pipe snaking around the area. It ends in the spoil pond that can be seen to the ESE. The pond has a divider.


High school regatta

Saturday the teens endured temps in the 40s with rain and wind NE at 8-18 mph, The youngsters who sailed really got a workout. 6 teams sailed in the A division and 7 in the B division. Each division sailed 6 races. That made it 12 races during the day. Courses were windward-leeward twice around finishing downwind. It was a short course with the start finish line in the harbor. Check the gallery of photos taken by Howard Miller in our gallery.

Check article in the Tuesday, October 6 Enquirer. It is page 6C, the sports section. Link

Betty Duncan Women’s Championship

Labor Day Monday the Women’s Championship races were sailed. It was a good sunny day, but we had wished for a little more wind. As it was, we had a SW breeze of 3-5 mph. Our aim was to sail three races of 45 to 60 minute duration in order to make the Portsmouth handicap scoring system more valid. Kathy Beatty sailed her Thistle, Dana Larison (the 2014 champ) sailed a Highlander, Sara Schumann sailed a Highlander and Carolyn Price sailed her MC Scow.

Congratulations to Carolyn for her fine sailing to win the 2015 Women’s Championship. Interestingly, Sara Schumann gave up sailing her Opti to drive a Highlander here and earned 2nd place. However Carolyn beat Sara by just one second to get 1st in race 1. Had Sara sailed one second faster than she did, she would have won the championship as she would have won the tie-breaker for the regatta. What a marvelous job for a junior sailor.

Score sheet


Labor Day

The holiday weekend found us under a big high pressure area resulting in clear sunny weather, but little wind. Interestingly, the hot weather spawned some thunderstorms in SW Ohio, but none had Cowan Lake in it’s sights. On Saturday, lack of wind delayed sending the fleets out to race. After filling in to the required minimum breeze, they managed to get in one race. It was a great party, but only the kids were willing the don the fat suits for sumo wrestling because of the heat.

2015 club officers were elected with the following result:

Doug Fisher – Commodore
Jim Blackburn – Vice-Commodore
Tim Gilliland – Treasurer
Carey Nelson – Secretary
Howard Miller – Board of Governors
Patty Lawrence – Board of Governors
Steve Fader – Board of Governors finishing Jim Blackburn’s term

Sunday wasn’t much better, but they had a little better wind and got 2 races in. It was SW about 3-5 mph with triangle course  races.

Pictures in Gallery

Bring-a-Friend Regatta


Not really a regatta, but a lot of fun. The juniors last program of the season, other than Labor Day, brings the group together for a weekend of laid back, just fun sailing. To make it just that much more fun, they invite a non-sailing friend to share it with. About 38 kids participated. The RC boat instead of tooting race signals, blared rock music out for all to enjoy. More than the boats were rocking.

High School sailing

Many aren’t aware, but there is high school level competitive sailing activity. This is more modeled after collegiate sailing  than US Sailing youth programs. CLSA will host the Fall Conference #3 of the Ohio High School Sailing association on October 3. Some of our sailors will compete. Erik Schumann is coordinator of the event.

Schedule is below:
Saturday, October 3, 2015
0900- Check in and Registration
0900-1000- Rigging of boats
1000- Competitors meeting mandatory for all sailors
1030- First Warning. Races will continue throughout the day. Lunch will be served on shore between sets
1530- No race shall start after this time.