Sunday sailing

A great fall day, mid 60s , sunny and wind. Did I say wind? The sailors got all they could handle and for some – more. The forecast was  SW at 16 mph. We had that and as the afternoon went on the breeze picked up. We had 3 capsizes I am aware of, two continued racing. Carolyn did a spectacular flip when she encountered a dreaded death roll. Wendy’s capsize resulted in her board coming out and hanging by it’s tether complicating her rescue.

Next Sunday is the last day for racing at Cowan. Note that there are no assigned spaces in the new boneyard when you store your boat.


A large area of the boneyard was graded, landscape fabric laid and 6″ of gravel spread. The trailers that were moved out of the way will be moved back, although not in the same locations. Organization of the area is being planned.


Sunday sailing

It was a nice sunny day with little chance of rain. The forecast called for about 5 mph southwest wind. As race time approached, it was evident the wind hadn’t settled in yet. It was patchy and not blowing from the forecast direction. RC postponed on shore to wait for the conditions to improve. As they ended the postponement and set up a triangular course, the breeze was still iffy. It wasn’t until about 2:30 that the wind came around to the SE and blew 3-5 mph. They completed 2 one lap triangular races. Participation was light.

Saturday crews put down landscape fabric in the boneyard. Monday it will be covered with 6″ of gravel. The landscape fabric should help prevent anything from growing up through the gravel.

Boneyard renovation

Dear CLSA Members,
Part of the boneyard will be under construction for the next two weeks.
We have cleared the blue area of trailers and boats.

Please do not store trailers in the blue area marked on the map until October 1st.

Thank you,
The Boneyard Chair

Boneyard view

Area graded and ready for landscape fabric. Gravel surface will follow. Picture

Sunday sailing

After the passing of a cold front that dumped a lot of rain in many areas, we had a moderate day in the mid 70s. The wind, that was forecast to be steady but light to moderate turned out to not be reliable. Even though the forecast was for a norther, it only occasionally blew from there. Since it was so variable, race strategies suffered.

After a frustrating first race, the breeze was so light, there was little interest in starting another race, even though RC set up another course. Race 2 was cancelled.

Labor Day

Saturday was a remarkable day to have racing and a party! The weather was so welcomed. A nice sailing breeze. Sunday the hot weather returned, but the wind didn’t. On the race course we experienced wind from the east to the southwest – and back. It was challenging to set fair courses. In addition, RC’s job was complicated by the failure of the air horn. We had to go back to the “old way” of timing race starts. It makes you appreciate technology.

At the party, club officers were elected for the 2017 season. The new officers-elect are:

Commodore – Jim Blackburn
Vice Commodore – Carolyn Price
Treasurer – Tim Gilliland
Secretary – Carey Nelson
Board of Governors – Mike Conrad
Board of Governors – Bruce Kitchen

They take office November 1, 2016.

Container refinished

The shipping container we use to house our race marks and other equipment was stripped and repainted by a crew led by Judy Hearn. The area around it has been cleared and the fuel tank locker moved to the rear. Plans call for some landscape plantings in the area. Below are before and after photos.

before     after

2016-08-28 15-53-03

Sunday sailing

The dog days of summer. We will welcome brisk autumn sailing. RC managed to get in two light air races, even though the second was short and welcomed that way. The wind blew from everywhere – when it blew. We probably saw 180° variations during the afternoon.

Sara Canadians 4 2016

Sara Schumann does it again

The Schumann kids, Sara and Luke have been involved in regional, national and international competitions for some time now. Now Sara just competed in the 2016 Canadian Opti nationals in Toronto. Those who know her are always amazed with her sailing skills with her being petite for her age. So, she just came home with 4th place overall in the Gold division. There were 52 boats in Gold – male and female. There was also a 45 boat Silver division. In addition, in team racing, her team LOOT took 1st place with 12 teams. Impressive!

Is Dad proud, or what?

Link to final results.

Link to pictures

2016-08-21 pic

Sunday sailing

What a day! After either the sweltering heat or non-stop rain we had  a great sailing day. Sunny, mid 70s and wind. Sailors enjoyed a 10-15 mph westerly breeze all afternoon. 27 boats came out to race the last race of the Summer Series. Series scores are already tabulated.

Great pictures in Gallery

Next Sunday is the first of the Fall series, followed by the Labor Day races and party the following week. Don’t forget, Labor day Monday is the Betty Duncan Women’s Championship.