Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Course

We are starting a new OCVN training in January for 2017. OCVN stands for Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist. The course is offered in conjunction with OSU, and Erin and I coordinate the program for this area.

This is a quality program where people attend 10 full day sessions with some great speakers in various fields and tends to yield some fantastic volunteers for the parks. Course attendees gain knowledge and training in both classroom and field settings. Sessions will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month January through May. The cost for the course covers all the sessions, as well as needed course materials.

There are about ten seats left. These seats usually fill up quickly, so interested parties may need to move fast. Those who are interested can use the contact information included, or they are also welcome to contact me at this email address: sarah.blair@dnr.state.oh.us if they have any questions about the program.

Obviously, it would be a wonderful thing for the park if some of the spots are filled with people interested in becoming involved with Cowan Lake. Please feel free to distribute the attached brochure and application to people or venues (such as libraries, churches, educational institutions, clubs, etc) that you think may be interested.

Sarah Blair

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Download Application

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Winter Dinner

Vice Commodore Carolyn Price advises us to “save the date” for the 2017 CLSA Winter Dinner to be held at Receptions in Loveland (same as before), on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Club closed for the season

The clubhouse water system has been drained and winterized. If you visit the club this winter, please do not try to use the toilets.

As usual, behind the scenes, work goes on. Posts have been set for gates leading to the boneyard and the driveway leading to the junior harbor area. We will be moving forward with our plan to build a new access to the east harbor area. The plan will enable equipment to enter the area and do a better job of landscape care in the future. The deteriorating pram dock will be removed.

CLSA Zombie Cup

The Inaugural CLSA Zombie Cup (aka Last Gasp Regatta) was sailed October 29, 2016. Two teams (stitched together during the morning lift party) exploited some unusually awesome late-season conditions: warm and windy (12-15mph). It was too nice of a day to go home.
The competition comprised one race sailed in 420s, the course being determined once both boats were on the water. With the wind mainly from the southwest, the start was to be between the “No Wake” buoys in Quaker Cove, then rounding the left-most “No Boats” buoys in the swimming area on the South shore, then rounding Austin Island to say hello to George, and then we’d figure it out after that. The leading boat at any mark had the right to determine the next mark. Rules were of course, guidelines.
Going like a bat out of Hell, Team Evil Oz led Team Undead into the starting line by about two boat lengths and promptly declared that should be the start. The first leg turned out to be a very close reach, with both teams adapting quickly to an unfamiliar boat. Team Evil Oz rounded the first mark first but then got rolled on the way to Austin Island. Things got sketchy in the wind shadow of the island, at which point Team Undead suggested “let’s go to the dam!” Or maybe they just said “damn!” (They said that a lot). But after paying respects to George, we went to the dam anyway.
The boats were closely matched on the long beat, but Team Evil Oz came out on top after some spirited short-tacking near the dam, and immediately declared victory. Team Undead was having nothing of that and bore off to the middle of the lake, quickly getting far ahead while Oz was waiting for them near the South shore. As they screamed past, they declared the finish to be “back where we started”, i.e. Quaker Cove. They did not head directly there however. Team Evil Oz decided to sail higher angles with just the jib and plenty of wind energy to reach the agreed-upon finish line and again declare victory. Both boats then returned to the CLSA harbor, with Team Evil Oz arriving first and yet again declaring victory.

TeamSkipper CrewRace
UndeadMartin (Abby Normal) JamesBryant (Walking Dead) Walker2
Evil-OzWendy (Wicked Witch of the Mid-West) O'TooleChris (Flying Monkey) Getschow1

Remember, history is written by the victors.


Sunday sailing

A great fall day, mid 60s , sunny and wind. Did I say wind? The sailors got all they could handle and for some – more. The forecast was  SW at 16 mph. We had that and as the afternoon went on the breeze picked up. We had 3 capsizes I am aware of, two continued racing. Carolyn did a spectacular flip when she encountered a dreaded death roll. Wendy’s capsize resulted in her board coming out and hanging by it’s tether complicating her rescue.

Next Sunday is the last day for racing at Cowan. Note that there are no assigned spaces in the new boneyard when you store your boat.


A large area of the boneyard was graded, landscape fabric laid and 6″ of gravel spread. The trailers that were moved out of the way will be moved back, although not in the same locations. Organization of the area is being planned.


Sunday sailing

It was a nice sunny day with little chance of rain. The forecast called for about 5 mph southwest wind. As race time approached, it was evident the wind hadn’t settled in yet. It was patchy and not blowing from the forecast direction. RC postponed on shore to wait for the conditions to improve. As they ended the postponement and set up a triangular course, the breeze was still iffy. It wasn’t until about 2:30 that the wind came around to the SE and blew 3-5 mph. They completed 2 one lap triangular races. Participation was light.

Saturday crews put down landscape fabric in the boneyard. Monday it will be covered with 6″ of gravel. The landscape fabric should help prevent anything from growing up through the gravel.

Boneyard renovation

Dear CLSA Members,
Part of the boneyard will be under construction for the next two weeks.
We have cleared the blue area of trailers and boats.

Please do not store trailers in the blue area marked on the map until October 1st.

Thank you,
The Boneyard Chair

Boneyard view

Area graded and ready for landscape fabric. Gravel surface will follow. Picture

Sunday sailing

After the passing of a cold front that dumped a lot of rain in many areas, we had a moderate day in the mid 70s. The wind, that was forecast to be steady but light to moderate turned out to not be reliable. Even though the forecast was for a norther, it only occasionally blew from there. Since it was so variable, race strategies suffered.

After a frustrating first race, the breeze was so light, there was little interest in starting another race, even though RC set up another course. Race 2 was cancelled.